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Application - Timothy Azuregos Jedi Guardian <<ACCEPTED>>

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Application - Timothy Azuregos Jedi Guardian <<ACCEPTED>>  Empty Application - Timothy Azuregos Jedi Guardian <<ACCEPTED>>

Post  Azuregos on Thu Jun 17, 2010 4:52 am

Personal Information:

Real Name: Timothy
Age: 17 (will be eighteen on September 19th)

How did you find Station Gamma?/Did a member invite you?
I am really into RP’s and since I plan on getting SWTOR I looked around the Internet & on SWTOR forums for a guild that did RP’s.

Why are you interested in joining us?
I really enjoy doing RP’s even started making a full on series using Halo 3 (still in production). I also now about the rules of doing RP’s never make your character be like a god who can’t ever be killed. I also did some good RP’s with another RP guild but for STO known as Aurora Fleet, my account name there was Captain Azuregos

Do you consider yourself mature?
Yes I would consider myself mature mainly due to the fact that I have to try and keep the people in the Halo series in order (without shooting them of course, you wouldn’t believe the chaos that occurs due to that).

Tell us a little about yourself. Hobbies, job, ect.
I will be turning eighteen on September 19th and I seriously enjoy being a part of serious RP groups. I play Halo 3/ME2 in my spare time (when I am not worry about the HSC exams) and I am a kind person.

Like I said before I have a Halo 3 machinima as it’s called in production, the most annoying part is writing all the scripts. And yes I am the director, script Writer, Animator & Azuregos (one of the main characters in the series). If you want to check it out we currently have a wiki that is continuously being updated with character bio’s
The link is provided encase you are interested or just curious:

I plan on after the HSC going on and studying at Qantm, doing animation and after that maybe get into working for a movie company or game company.

What timezone are you?
I am in the GMT +10 in Australia, Sydney area

Character Information

Character Name: Timothy Azuregos
Character Age: 21
Gender: Male
Class: Jedi Guardian

Character Biography:
Azuregos is a young Jedi Knight who had to watch his master get killed by the Sith Lord Malgus during the attack on Alderann. Azuregos and his master were originally on a mission to try and quell he fighting between the two houses that want to be the rulers of Alderann. When the Sith attacked the city received a large amount of damaged caused by just the sith fighters. But when the sith army entered the city and attacked the people there. Azuregos and his master engaged a group of Sith that were about to kill the current rulers of Alderann. During the harsh battle Azuregos manages to kill a Sith Warrior before getting blasted to a wall by an unexpected force push. Azuregos’ master kills the last Sith warrior he was fighting and notices the newcomer.

The newcomer challenges Azuregos’ master to a fight and motions for his two companions to deal with Azuregos. Azuregos regains his footing and reactivates his green crystal lightsaber. The two sith troopers start firing their weapons at Azuregos only to have the shots deflected to the walls and pillars near him. Azuregos’ master activates his silver crystal lightsaber at the same time as Darth Malgus activates his red crystal lightsaber. Darth Malgus charges at Azuregos’ master and has his attacks countered everytime.

Azuregos kills the two sith troopers and starts to head over to help his master. Azuregos’ master notices him approaching, this gives Darth Malgus an edge in the battle. Darth malgus hits Azuregos’ master with strike of force lightning. Darth Malgus then throws Azuregos’ master to a column nearby, he then faces Azuregos and gives a smirk. Before Azuregos could engage in battle with Darth malgus, Azuregos’ master uses the force & the last of his energy to throw Azuregos and his own silver crystal lightsaber out the palace window. Darth Malgus turns around and finishes off Azuregos’ master, he then proceeds to the window Azuregos was thrown out of and looks over the edge and notices a strong river flowing below. He then leaves and proceeds to wipe out the remaining republic troops on Alderann.

A few days later Azuregos is discovered by Master Satele Shan, and a scarred republic trooper at the edge of the river about 3km away from the battle that occurred between the survivours of the republic force on Alderann and the sith invasion force lead by Darth Malgus. Satele Shan helps Azuregos onto one of the Republic ships and is taken to Tython to attend the trials of become a jedi knight.

The only worry Master Satele Shan has with Azuregos is that she is worried he may get consumed by revenge against Darth Malgus.

During Azuregos’ trials he comes across and ancient jedi ruin that has a strong taint of the Dark Side. Azuregos hears a lightsaber activate and turns and notices a young female jedi appear. Azuregos then senses the darkside inside of this person. She charges at Azuregos who jumps backwards and lands on a fallen pillar.

The young jedi yells at Azuregos to come and fight. Azuregos replies
“Why do you want me to fight you, and who are you”
The female jedi replies “I am Hayley Laren and you have trespassed on my meditation ground”
Azuregos scratches his head in confusion “This is your meditation ground, it’s just an ancient ruin that is tainted”
Laren laughs “Is that what they told you, the council and Grand Master Satele Shan were talking about me, for I am the taint in this place”
Azuregos curiously asks “But why did you fall to the dark side”
Laren replies angrily “Cause they tricked me into coming here only to be corrupted by the power of the dark side”
Azuregos replies “Perhaps they were just trying to test you and see if you could resist the dark side”
Laren replies “Well it’s too late for me now, they would never accept me back again”
Azuregos calmly replies “That is probably why they sent me to attempt my trial here, not only to resist the dark side, but maybe to try an return you to the light”
Laren angrily yells at Azuregos, before breaking down into tears and dropping her lightsaber. Azuregos then jumps down and approaches Hayley Laren

Azuregos offers a friendly hand to Laren and helps her up.
Azuregos the says calmly “Everyone has a chance for redemption”
Laren then hugs Azuregos and thanks him for helping her remember what it is meant to be a jedi.

Azuregos and Laren both proceed back to the new Academy still in construction. When they arrive the Council is surprised that Azuregos ended up redeming Hayley Laren instead of killing her.

Grand Master Satele Shan detects a sudden emotion within Hayley Laren and asks Azuregos if he would like to have Laren as companion. Laren agrees to join Azuregos and Azuregos also agrees.

The Council end up making Azuregos a Jedi Knight, mainly due to the request of Master Satele Shan, for returning one of their lost back onto the right path.

Azuregos & Laren were given a ship called Final Dawn, to help them continue their travels around the galaxy and help restore peace.

Character Triats
He is a normal looking young man, he has blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a small scar over one of his eyes from a cut from the glass window he was thrown through as a Padawan. He has light white skin due to him normally travelling around with his hood up most of the time, so people won’t reconise him.

How much roleplay experience do you have?
I have quite a great deal of role-play experience. I did role-playing with Aurora Fleet on their forums for STO (never bought it). I also have said before I do role-playing also on Halo 3 basically for doing machinima’s. And I also particiapted in a Role Playing private server for WOW. (EchelonedWOW)

Other MMO experience:
World of Warcraft – two years ago stopped playing due to private sever continuiously shuting down due to overloading of spawns.

Have you read and understood the rules?
Yes I have read the rules and I will make sure to post in the leave of absence thread when I am doing the Trial Exams and the actual HSC exams themselves.

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Application - Timothy Azuregos Jedi Guardian <<ACCEPTED>>  Empty Re: Application - Timothy Azuregos Jedi Guardian <<ACCEPTED>>

Post  Borsalino Bege on Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:58 am

Greetings Timothy! Thank you for showing interest in Station Gamma by putting in an application. I must say it is an interesting application and I can tell you will fit in pretty well here. Sadly I never had alot of interest in Halo myself, but I know that many people these day do heh. Also realize that your time is different from what the guilds general timezone is so chat might be empty for you in this early stage of Gamma.

Your biography was a good read, however there is only one issue I had with it. As a heavy roleplay guild we also follow the rules of canon. We like to stick to the lore of game and its characters as much as possible, and we even give in a few times there. So I will let that go since your one of our newer members but in the future unless we lable it "non canon" try to keep the story fresh with your own made up characters of course along with your player.

I am going to accept this application and put you on your seven day trial. Since you will be out taking exams I will extend your trial if need be, no porblem. Welcome to Gamma mate.
Borsalino Bege
Borsalino Bege

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Application - Timothy Azuregos Jedi Guardian <<ACCEPTED>>  Empty Thanks

Post  Azuregos on Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:07 pm

I am honored to be accepted into Station Gamma and I believe I will be able to help in keeping the peace in all the RP's & I do know about the God mode rule being needed. It is really annoying where someone says that they always can kill who ever they are fighting & not be defeatable.

By the way that other character is going to be my first compaion I will get in SWTOR.

And I will also make sure to keep what you said in mind and remember to use it in the RP's

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Application - Timothy Azuregos Jedi Guardian <<ACCEPTED>>  Empty Re: Application - Timothy Azuregos Jedi Guardian <<ACCEPTED>>

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