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Post  Borsalino Bege on Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:35 pm

Station Lore and Arrival

[size=200]۞Station Gamma۞[/size]

[size=85]Station Gamma was finally completed and opened for use at 6 ATC, the current date being 9 ATC. Built above the planet Voss, the Republic embassy below is now protected by a orbital defensive space station that tries to keep the peace in the Allied Tion Sector. With its exploration teams, JAG office, and peacekeeping military unit, Station Gamma serves as the mediator between many conflicts the surrounding worlds provide. Different troubles arise from these nearby planets that requires Gamma’s assistance. Aggressive invasions, political struggles, civil wars, and criminal activity keeps the Republic force busy on a constant basis.

Currently, one of the more dangerous scenarios emanates from the somewhat newly discovered planet of Voss where a centuries-long war between the native races, the Gormak and the Voss continues. After a skirmish that almost sparked the Great War once again, resulted in Voss becoming a neutral planet. Both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire have been allowed embassies in Voss-Ka creating a uneasy tension as each side tries to win favor. The station offered to lend it’s forces to the Voss in holding the violent Gormak’s constant and ruthless assault back. The gesture was accepted, but there was promise it would not to persuade them into taking a side. With both factions of the Cold War working on Voss to sway the leading Mystics the Station acts as a small defensive shield for the Voss hoping to gain the native’s trust.

On your way to Station Gamma from more civilized systems your first checkpoint is Centerpoint Station. Your ship has stopped to fuel and prepare for the long jump to hyperspace that will take you to the Outer Rim. While you are the there it wouldn't hurt to meet with the Station Master Son'ook and see if you can provide any assistance. With maintenance on your vessel and proper preparations your stay on Centerpoint can range anywhere from 4-7 days.

(More to come.)[/size]

Lore Tips

۞ Current date is 9ATC.

۞ Station Gamma was finished and opened in 6ATC.

۞ Station Gamma is located in the Voss system which is in the Allied Tion Sector.

۞ The Allied Tion Sector is located in the Outer Rim.

۞ All new transfers that come to Gamma must come through Centerpoint Station.

۞ Your stay must always be 4-7 days.
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Borsalino Bege

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Post  Borsalino Bege on Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:36 pm

Station Layout Page

[size=85]Station Gamma is a unique and celebrated Republic deep space outpost known for its sturdy defense and the exceptional amount of time that was put into building it. Officially, it is a class five station, the latest model. It is fitted with high grade and heavy impact blaster turrets, Ion burst canons, high energy charges, and state of the art deflector and shift shields among many other things. It is capable of withstanding an attack from a small fleet and defending itself with heavy firepower until reinforcements arrive. Serving as a checkpoint for passing ships on fresh trade routes, performing crew rotations for personnel, and housing Republic forces in the area are some of its main but few purposes. Station Gamma is currently in orbit above the somewhat newly discovered planet of Voss where it keeps a watchful eye on the planet's situation as well as the Republic embassy. With the Allied Tion Sector being fairly unfamiliar to the Republic the Senate establish a law office and a exploration team in Station Gamma. A JAG or Judge Advocate General is stationed in Gamma fruitlessly trying to establish Republic law in a semi neutral zone and uncharted territory in the hostile Outer Rim.

Overall the space station is a very large structure that houses thousands of crewman, station personnel, and a Republic military unit. The station is split into different decks which are then separated into smaller sectors. While not mandatory it wouldn't hurt to try and remember some of the decks and sectors for roleplay usage. This page can also always be used as a reference for such situations as much of the roleplay will take place or at least begin in Gamma itself. The pictures provided below are a normal view of what the station looks like, and then a numbered layout which is detailed below on specifics.

[size=200]Shuttle View[/size]
Admin Deck Threads Gamma-4AlphaFinalColorOutput

Deck Layout
Admin Deck Threads MOdelGam

(A.) [size=85]Deck One-Offices- Is located at the very top of the station. High ranking staff, the Station Masters, administration teams, and the ambassador's wing are all in deck one. A large observation window wraps around both the top offices and the lower wings providing a mystical view of the stars around them. Many of the station's meetings and conferences are held here and special quarters are also in this deck for visiting Republic officials and representatives. It is divided into five sectors: [/size]

[size=85]۞ Sector 1-A: Administration Offices
۞ Sector 1-B: Ambassador's Wing
۞ Sector 1-C: Special Quarters
۞ Sector 1-D: Conference Rooms
۞ Sector 1-E: Communcations Relay

[size=85](B.) Deck Two-Crew Quarters- Is in the upper half of Station Gamma. This is the primary deck that houses the station's crewmen and personnel. Their living quarters and all essential needs are located in this section of the station. Other living pleasures are also found in this part of the station such as the cantina, holo rooms, and various other recreational areas such as the observation lounge. This deck is divided into five sectors:

۞ Sector 2-F: Crew Living Quarters
۞ Sector 2-G: Cantina
۞ Sector 2-H: Holo Rooms
۞ Sector 2-I: Recreational
۞ Sector 2-J: Observation Lounge

(C.) Deck Three-The Hangars- Is located in the upper middle of Station Gamma. Here is the main docking area for all incoming and outbound ships of Republic or other nature. Ships ranging from Capital Hammerhead Cruisers to single pilot fighters are constantly docking in Gamma for fuel, rest, or official business. The Dock Officer, and his exceptionally large crew, scan, contact, and clear every single ship that flies through the hangar's energy fields. The Chief Engineer along with his maintenance crew keep busy as well with banged up ships all day long. The docking section is arguably the most busy piece of the station operating all hours of the galactic day. The hangars are divided into four sectors for each hangar:

۞ Sector 3-K: Docking Hangars
۞ Sector 3-L: Fuel Depot
۞ Sector 3-M: Docking Offices
۞ Sector 3-N: Maintenance

(D.) Deck Four-Operations- Is located in the lower middle of Gamma. It is where the main communications relay, propulsion systems, life support, energy cores, and shields network, along with many other major systems is located. It has been called the "Heart of Gamma" by many of the crew. Engineering crews shift out all day keeping these vital systems online and at 100% efficiency. Without this section of the station at full operation the entire structure is at risk of destruction in countless ways. This deck is divided into six sectors:

۞ Sector 4-O: Shields Network
۞ Sector 4-P: Life Support System
۞ Sector 4-Q: Energy Core
۞ Sector 4-R: Main Communications Relay
۞ Sector 4-S: Propulsion/Thrusters
۞ Sector 4-T: Diagnostics Lab

(E.) Deck Five-Tactical Station- Is near the lower end of Station Gamma. It is an extremely important piece of the structure providing nearly 97% of the Station's defense and offensive weaponry. The Hammerhead model battle towers are armed from top to bottom with state of the art and high grade ship weapon systems making Gamma a terrible force to be reckoned with. The long tunnels that hold the towers out not only provide passage for crew but is also strongly connected to deck four, operations, where it receives most of its power. Tactical Officers and station security are headquartered in tactical operating the weapons systems during an attack. Station Security that is based from here also patrols the rest of Gamma under the Chief Security Officer and the JAG Officer. The deck is divided into three sectors:

۞ Sector 5-U: Passage Tunnels/Energy Connection
۞ Sector 5-V: Security HQ
۞ Sector 5-W: Tactical Stations

(F.) Deck Six-Division Headquarters- Is located at the bottom of Station Gamma in the fins. In each fin a division is housed along with offices to their various programs. The far left is the Iron Garrison where the barracks, training facilities, and holo rooms are found. The briefing room and the galaxy map are also here. The center fin is the home of the Jedi Enclave. Meditation chambers, fountains, floral specimens, and other peaceful luxuries add to this tranquil training ground. The Watchmen Core and its investigation program are also in this fin under the inner court yard. The final fin to the far right is the Smuggler's Cove. While not an official division the Smugglers demanded their own space in outpost to use as a base of operations for their activities. Little is actually known about this part of the station as Smugglers manage to keep security teams away although the "boys upstairs" conclude its probably just one giant cantina. This deck is divided into eight sectors:

۞ Sector 6-X: Barracks
۞ Sector 6-Y: Military Academy
۞ Sector 6-Z: Briefing Rooms/Galaxy Map

۞ Sector 7-1A: Court Yard
۞ Sector 7-1B: Watchmen Core
۞ Sector 7-1C: Hall of Fountains/Meditation Chambers

۞ Sector 8-1D: Training Arena
۞ Sector 8-1E: ???

A very special thanks to 3D artist Conas for making my vision of Gamma come true. I wouldnt be able to create this wonderfully detailed page without these amazing models of Station Gamma.
Borsalino Bege
Borsalino Bege

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Post  Borsalino Bege on Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:37 pm

Station Regulations



[size=85] The staff expects members of Gamma to remain active in their posts and work around the guild. All account registrations go through the administrative team and will be deleted within 3 days if there is not action taken. If you have not logged in for over a weeks time or 7 days without notice you will be labeled inactive. Members who find themselves in this guild status that wish to come back simply send a PM to a staff member. While in the inactive list you are at the risk of having your account deleted in a inactivity purge. If you expect to be gone for a long period of time make sure to post a leave in the "Leave of Absence" boards so your account will remain safe during your extended leave. [/size]

[size=150]۞Social Etiquette۞[/size]

[size=85] We wish to have a fun and organized community when all is said and done, this means we expect people to act like community. Help your fellow members out when they need it. Be respectful to others and they will respect you in return. Always feel free to share your opinions on different things around the guild. We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions on matters. If you are kind, helpful, and mature things will most likely be golden for you. [/size]


[size=85] This can mean a few different things to people but what we want is a socially mature member. A mature member follows the rules, treats others nicely, and is appropriate in the right place. We don't expect a total stiff who is not fun! But try and be these things when the situation is demands it. Goofing off is something everyone does plenty and we want people to! We want you have enjoy yourself. Just know when the time is right. Be open to the leaders and fellow members. Honesty is appreciated and everyone should be expected to handle it like adults. Gossip and talking behind people's backs is a huge negative here in Gamma. Be patient and understanding, it will help you in the long run. [/size]

۞Reflect the Guild۞

[size=85] Station Gamma is a community, a image, and a story. When you become a member you are Station Gamma's pride and joy. Members should always reflect the guild in a positive way in public and here in the guild. One poor action can make it seem like it speaks for us all, so be aware of what you are doing and saying. Gamma wishes to uphold a decent reputation. That is easily done if you follow the rules. Mistakes are made, people screw up, it is what makes us human and everyone understands. Just be aware that you have to be an adult and accept responsibility and face the consequences. [/size]

۞Your Account۞

[size=85] Your profile will be reviewed by the staff at all times to make sure that everything is shipshape. Inappropriate avatars will be removed along with suitable measures made against that member, over sized pictures will be re sized by the mod team, and account names will be reviewed during the application process. We prefer it that your profile/account name is the same as your RP character's to avoid any confusion and make it easier for everyone to focus. Also note that when it comes to your account name/character name it may not be anything canon. You can't be the long lost relative of a canon character. Name changes are accepted but must be done per request of a site administrator. Alternative characters is not an open feature as of this date. [/size]


[size=85] Being a heavy roleplay guild we take our story writing very seriously here. We have no intention of being a snooty group of people, but do not be upset about nit picking. There is no such thing as perfection but we strive to get as close as we can, and help you achieve a high level of skill as well. Our roleplay guides will give you all the information you need to know about how we work, its up to you to make sure you understand. [/size]


[size=85] When the game launches there will be strict chat rules that apply to every members and the leaders. Depending on what types of channels are available to us there will be codes for each of them. Spacial chat is expected to always be your first and foremost roleplay channel during events, activities, or when you are around other guildies. We ask that you try to stay in character as much as you can in spacial. The use of (( )) will not be acceptable. Group chat, Guild chat, and the whisper/tell system will be considered OOC places. [/size]


[size=85] Godmoding is a negative form of roleplaying that empowers your character to unreasonable levels and leaves no room for others to react or add to the scenario. This also can be a form of someone controlling your character which is unacceptable even at a small rate. Use your best judgement in roleplay by always leaving room for others to respond and react. [/size]

۞Stay on Topic۞

[size=85] Make posts and threads in the appropriate sections. Spam posts and junk threads do not belong in the roleplay boards. Roleplay does not belong in Station Discussion, etc. Keep it organized so the moderators do not have to move posts constantly to the right sections. Appropriate off topic pieces in roleplay boards should be coded with a spoiler tag. [/size]

۞Roleplay Rules۞

[size=85]۞ Please make sure to read any roleplay guidelines that are posted around the site. Also try and make time to read any of the class or character guides that members write as they will aid you with your understanding of roleplaying your character.

۞ Use proper grammar and correct spelling. This is absolutely mandatory as it helps the flow of the story. Write your posts on a automatic spell correction sheet or run your writing through a spell checker before posting. Incorrect spelling and grammar will not be tolerated.

۞ Godmoding is unacceptable.

۞ You may not, and that means never, control another person's character without their permission to do so. You must always leave room for the others to react and give them a chance to respond. Permission can be granted from others so if there is a specific situation that controlling would be beneficial, contact the other person!

۞ Coarse language is acceptable within reasonable limits. Anything to serious will be removed.

۞ All the same rules apply to the live roleplay sessions. Proper grammar, no godmoding, no controlling, and make sure to wait your turn. Session mods or the creator of the roleplay will design the roleplay. Make sure to follow their rules.

۞ Discontinued roleplays will be locked and sent to a roleplay story archive. Roleplays may also be shut down and locked by request of its creator.[/size]
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