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Application Lorn Varnath Jedi Knight, Guardian <<DENIED>>

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Application Lorn Varnath Jedi Knight, Guardian <<DENIED>>

Post  Lorn V. on Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:29 pm

Personal Information:

Real Name: (First name only) Ahmed
TOR Name: (name of your account on the SWTOR forums) Lorn Varnath (account on there is lornath)
Age: (Must be 18+) 19

How did you find Station Gamma?/Did a member invite you?
I found it on the guild recruitment thread on swtor homepage and after looking around decided to apply.

Why are you interested in joining us?
I love Rping. Ever since i joined the Swtor forum community I have been rping and it is a great way to pass time, meet new people, and work the mind. Biggest reason though is that I am a big star wars fan and I would love to have comrades when the game comes out.

Do you consider yourself mature?
Yes I do consider myself mature especially when it comes to Rping.

Tell us a little about yourself. Hobbies, job, ect.
Junior in college, looking for a job, like martial arts, ultimate frisbee, star wars. Big star wars book reader.

What timezone are you?
Character Information:

Character Name:(Same as your forum name please.) Lorn Varnath
Character Age:30
Class: (Must be a Republic Class, Also if a Jedi also choose Sub Class, Sentinel, Guardian, Consular. Please Note you may be a Jedi Consular and still be of the Jedi Knight class for RP reasons.) Jedi Knight, Guardian

Character Biography: (You can give just a sample, or the full story. Note that we have a strict canon policy.)
Species/Race: Human
Name: Lorn
Middle Name: none
Last Name: Varnath
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:unknown
Place of Birth: Chandrila
Date of Death: unknown
Place of Death: unknown
Age: 30
Home Planet: Chandrila
Current Residence: Tython
Ship: none as of yet well add when i get
Allegiance: Republic
Rank: Jedi Knight
Lightsaber Form: Form III: Soresu, Form IV: Ataru

Other Info: Jedi Guardian wielding blue lightsaber and keeping a double-bladed lightsaber. Can be recognized by the distinctive temple to chin scar on left side of face inflicted by a lightsaber wound long ago.

Bio:This is not a story of a grand hero but a story of a man who has made some wrong decisions and is now trying to correct all the wrong that has been caused by those decisions. Lorn Varnath was born on Chandrila during the Jedi Sith War before The Treaty of Coruscant. His mother died while he was young his father abandoned him when he was only 4. He was left in the care of his Uncle Bel who wanted nothing to do with Lorn due to the fact that he saw Lorn as the murderer of his only sister. Lorn's Uncle treated him with horrible cruelty until the fateful day that Lorn meet a man cloaked in black. The man told Lorn that he had the gift of hatred and that if he wanted, the cloaked one could teach Lorn how to harness it. However he needed to pass a trial in order to prove his worthiness. The cloaked one told him that he needed to kill the source of his hatred and that he would only have 3 days to fullfill this task, otherwise the cloaked one would kill him. 3 days later it was reported that an old man had been found shot 5 times in his house. It was further reported that his nephew Lorn Varnath age 14 had gone missing and although a massive search was organized no trace of the youth could be found.
All trace of Lorn Varnath was then lost until 5 years ago at the battle of Bothawui in which Lorn was injured in lightsaber combat against Jedi Knight Tres Van and in which his Dark Master Lord Vaeum was killed and Lorn captured by the Galactic Republic. It was there while under imprisonment that Lorn was taught and embraced the Light Side of the the force under the tutelage of Jedi Van. In the 5 years since then Lorn has proved to the Jedi Council that he has fully embraced the Light Side by helping give valuable information which helped stop Sith Invasions into the core and in helping with the capture and imprisonment of many of his former Sith comrades. Lorn Varnath was granted the rank of Jedi Knight in his 4th year, after the successful rescue of fellow Jedi Adlas Ming from the Sith occupied plant of Ilum in the outer Rim. Although there were some reservations voiced by council members due to his dark past and his recent journey to Sith occupied Ilum, under the tutelage of promoted Jedi Master Van, Lorn was able to silence those voices, with his steadfast loyalty to the orders of the council and exemplary behavior in battles against Sith. On the day of the sacking of Coruscant Lorn had come back to report in on the successful rescue of a fleet of Republic refugee shuttles from Sith when the attack commenced. Rushing to the aid of his fellow Jedi comrades Lorn hurled himself into the fray to defend the Jedi Temple and managed to stop many of the invaders however he could not stop the death of his master Tres Van at the hands of Sith Lord Angral. With a yell of fury Lorn rushed at the Dark Lord and managed to barely avoid a killing blow from a Sith warrior with the end result being his scar. Having dealt with his attacker Lorn rushed again at the Dark Lord but was pulled back by his fellow Jedi and managed to escape.
It is now the present time and the doubt of the Jedi Council in Lorn's ability to resist the Dark side has returned. Many of them ask whether Lorn will betray them all while one asks whether he might be one of the many Jedi who turn the war around. All of them agree however that talk of the future is meaningless and that the present is what they should focus on while deep in their hearts the same words echo

"May the Force be with us,..."

Character Traits: (Physical or mental features.)
Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 185
Hair Color/Style: black shortcropped hair
Facial Appearance: mustache and beard, scar on left side from temple to chin going over eye.
Eye Color: brown
Body Appearance: athletic
Armor: Jedi robes and underneath dark green light durasteel armor
Primary Weapon(s): Blue single bladed lightsaber
Secondary Weapon(s): Green double bladed lightsaber
Miscellaneous Item(s): vibroblade, crescent medallion, holdout blaster.

How much roleplay experience do you have?
About a year now from the Swtor community forums,

Other MMO exeprience:(If you have played other games please format and list like below. If you have multiple games to list, follow the same format each time leaving a space in between each list.)

Game name: Star wars galaxies
Character's Name: Teuro Riczeam
Server:i forget but sony deleted him.
Level: 56
Months/Years of play: 6 years

Sample Role-Play Post: (give us a sample of how you would normally post in an RP. Please try to make it more than a paragraph in length as we'd like to get an accurate idea of how you RP and where you're at in terms of role-play skill)
This is a sample from swtor forum Rp thread "what did you see?" The one who started the thread decided not to go through with it.

*giggle giggle*
Lorn dodged as a blindfolded twi'lek child ran at him.
"I almost had you there Lornie" Nemrra yelled.
He smiled. Who would have ever thought that he would be in the courtyard of the Jedi Temple on Tython playing tag with young jedi trainees. It wasn't that long ago that he had been a Sith apprentice to Sith Lord Vaeum of the Empire. Nowadays he spent time helping hunt down former comrades under orders from the Council and scouting missions on Sith controlled planets. He had just returned from a scouting mission where he had succeeded but at the loss of a friend. It was not the Jedi way to dwell on the past however.
"I got you! I got you!" squealed Rosh.
"Whoops! Guess i should have been trying harder." Kneeling down Lorn patted Rosh on the head.
"Alright kids take off your blind folds." One by one they took them off. He was amazed by how fast they were growing.

"Now how many of you used the force to find me?" All the kids raised their hands. Lorn smiled at them.

"How many of you realllyyy used the force to find me?" All but two of the kids dropped their hands. Rosh and the wookie child Bav were the only ones.

" Good Job you two. Now kids I want you to remember you have to keep your force senses open at all times you never kn...." A hallway in the Jedi temple appeared to him. Two Jedi were standing there conversing.
"Lornie" Nemrra whispered walking up to him. "Are you ok?"
"Of course I am Nemrra. Alright kids I have to go." The kids groaned. Lorn smiled.
"Don't worry I promise you I will be back real soon to play again. Now its time for you to go to your studies." He said looking up at the approaching Jedi Master.
Saying their goodbyes the kids ran off. Lorn stood up and walked up the steps to the temple doors. Giving a small bow to the Gatemasters he continued forward allowing the force to guide his steps. Entering the garden he saw the two Jedi from his vision. He approached them and waited to introduce himself.

Lorn V.

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Re: Application Lorn Varnath Jedi Knight, Guardian <<DENIED>>

Post  Eiboba on Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:34 am

Greetings Lorn,

I am Gunnery Sergeant Carthalis Eiboba, Chief Recruiter here at Station Gamma. Firstly I'd like to welcome you here but I must point out several issues. You need to register on this forum with an actual account so that we can, perhaps in the future, assign you to groups if your application passes muster.

Secondly you seemed to not have fully followed our application format. It would do you good to follow the application format that we have slaved over for quite some time to make. Although, I do appreciate your adding parts you feel would be pertinent, we would prefer you follow our format instead.

Otherwise just standby as we go through the process of voting over your application. This shouldn't take too much time so be sure to visit frequently to see what the verdict is.


Gunnery Sergeant Carthalis Eiboba
Chief Recruiter, Station Gamma
Gunnery Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant

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Re: Application Lorn Varnath Jedi Knight, Guardian <<DENIED>>

Post  Eiboba on Wed Jul 21, 2010 11:10 am


I am very sorry to inform you that your application has been denied. Do not be discouraged, however, as you can try again by reapplying at any time in the future. Thanks for showing interest in our guild and in your patience.


Gunnery Sergeant Carthalis Eiboba
Chief Recruiter, Station Gamma
Gunnery Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant

Posts : 86
Join date : 2010-05-31
Age : 26
Location : Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Re: Application Lorn Varnath Jedi Knight, Guardian <<DENIED>>

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