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Recruitment THread

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Post  Borsalino Bege on Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:26 pm

[SIZE="6"] [SIZE="1"][/SIZE]Station ۞ Gamma[SIZE="1"][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
[SIZE="6"]╠════════════╣ [/SIZE]
[SIZE="6"][/SIZE] [SIZE="5"] [SIZE="1"]▶[/SIZE]Heavy Roleplay-Casual PvE[SIZE="1"]◂[/SIZE][SIZE="6"][/SIZE][/SIZE][SIZE="6"]
[SIZE="4"]Colonel Borsalino Bege[/SIZE]

[SIZE="5"]╔══ ═ ═ ═ ══╗[/SIZE][SIZE="4"]
"Serve and Protect"
[SIZE="5"]╚══ ═ ═ ═ ══╝[/SIZE]
[SIZE="4"]High Marshal Vanin Areldur[/SIZE]

Recruitment: Republic Classes
Server: Roleplay US
Style: Heavy RP, Casual PvE
Leader: Borsalino Bege



Station Gamma is a newly commissioned Republic orbital space station that was built in the Allied Tion sector. Gamma’s purpose is to explore and patrol any undiscovered regions in the sector for the Galactic Republic. It serves as a checkpoint for passing ships on fresh trade routes, performs crew rotations for personnel, houses the Republic forces in the area, and if needed provides itself as a defensive outpost among many other things. Not known to nearly all of the station's crew is that Gamma is also in fact a SIS base or Republic Strategic Information Systems. It is a covert program that works off the concept of stealth and information gathering for the Republic during the Cold War. The station bolsters no army however a small task force resides in the station to help keep the peace with the surrounding systems as the Sith who share the sector are not the only threat to Gamma in the Outer Rim territories. Many different troubles arise from nearby planets that requires Station Gamma’s assistance. Aggressive invasions, political struggles, civil wars, and criminal activity keeps this small Republic hub busy on a constant basis.

Currently, one of the more dangerous scenarios emanates from the somewhat newly discovered planet of Voss where a centuries-long war between the native races, the Gormak and the Voss, continues. After a skirmish that resulted in Voss becoming a neutral planet both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire have been allowed embassies in Voss-Ka creating a uneasy tension as each side tries to win favor. The station offered to lend it’s forces to the Voss in holding the violent Gormak’s constant and ruthless assault back. A gesture of friendship that was accepted, but promised not to persuade them into taking up a side. With both factions of the Cold War working on Voss to sway the leading Mystics the Station acts as an ally and a shield for the Voss hoping to gain the native’s trust and eventual support.


Station Gamma’s highest goal is to provide a rich roleplay experience for it’s members with an exceptional amount of raiding and then a little player vs. player combat thrown in. While we focus more on our stories and character plots the point of Gamma is to provide a home for players who wish to roleplay, raid, and enjoy the game with their friends. We want you to live and enjoy the ultimate experience of the Star Wars universe with us as a community. We also try to stick to canon with the proper Star Wars lore as much as we can. Canon and continuity are very important to us at ST-G but we also dont like to restrict too much. This means we offer non canon rp opportunities in our open or freestyle roleplay section as well. Gamma is also recruiting all classes in the Republic faction. Please not that this is a 18+ guild, and there no exceptions.

Gamma is a very organized guild and there are certain rules that must be followed. These rules are in place to evade the ever spreading disease of guild drama. However we do not wish for folks to get a too professional vibe from our little group of players. The leaders or the guild in no way shape or form dictate your agenda when it comes to the game. Yes, we appreciate and expect members to contribute and attend activities or events, but that is what keeps us moving. Otherwise we are extremely casual in the sense of what you wish to with PvE and PvP. The leadership at Gamma is for the most part not democratic. There is one leader that makes the important guild desicions along with his right hand man. There is no council or board of people that lead. This does not mean the members do not have a say in everything. There are various things the guild as a whole will vote on, but ultimately all power is with the one leader. There will be officers in the guild that provide certain roles within the guild and have minor authority.

Our forums are divided into sections that are modeled after the decks of Station Gamma. In these separate sections fully fledged members will find places to chat about the game, Star Wars, the guild, and just about anything! There are also organized roleplay forums where each division plays out their missions or takes part in training. Then there is a free for all roleplay area where anything goes. We take pride in our little community, and hope that you stop by and visit us soon. If your interested in joining the doors are always open for recruitment.

[SIZE="4"]Station Goals[/SIZE]

The guild is here to stay until launch and on, and we hope to be the best Republic guild we can be. Station Gamma does not strive to be recognized, meaning we are not one of the more competitive guilds in the community, nor are we "hardcore" in any aspect even roleplay. Roleplay is our highest value in Gamma as we want to work hard to develop our character and stories with time, patience, and care but at the moderation of the player. Some of the things we would like to see the guild do however are:

  • Level together.

  • Hold many roleplay event and activities.

  • Experience endgame PvE content.

  • Raid. (If possible)

  • Have fun!

We strive very hard to make sure our members are having fun. If there is no fun, then there may as well be no guild. So we really want to keep it very social and be a tight knit community. We will be careful to make sure everyone in the guild is aware that this is just a game and the point is to have fun and socialize. While there is authority in guild ranks they are there to hold things together and provide roleplay taste. Otherwise everyone is equal, and everyone is treated with respect. We absolutely in no shape or form want this guild to get cliquey.

[SIZE="4"]Station Requirements[/SIZE]

Station Gamma is looking for people who have a passion for roleplay and are also mature, respectable players. Members of the station must stay active and contribute to the community in one way or another. We only allow English fluent members because of our location and lack of knowledge of other laungauges. Preferably we are looking for EST zone people. As stated before our age limit is 18+, no exceptions can be made. You do not have to be experienced in MMO gaming in order to join ST-G. We encourage those who are new to the gaming scene to join and learn with other new players as well as experienced vets. If you are also a novice to roleplay you will learn and grow in that aspect as time goes on as we encourage character and personal development. Please note that we are looking for quality though. Proper grammar, appropriate story writing, and formatting are expected from our members no matter what skill level. Both leaders and other members are willing to coach you in proper roleplay technique and etiquette if there is a will to improve.

Gamma is not into the drama works. At the first sign of any kind of large scale dramatics the situation is and always will be nullified. We understand that people have disputes, and problems arise but we do not tolerate any kind of child’s play or anything offending. This means we have zero tolerance for racism, hurtful insults, and drama that is blown way out of proportion. If you can keep a lid on all of these then you have a good start with us.

[SIZE="4"]What We Offer[/SIZE]

There are many things we offer to our members in the form of roleplay and ooc content. Below is a list of things you can expect to see from our guild:

  • A Jedi Enclave filled with content.

  • Military Division split between Trooper and Smugglers.

  • Various roleplay programs and services. (In the works)

  • A Xat chat via forums.

  • Award system.

  • Rank system for each division.

  • Exclusive roleplay boards for members and guests.

  • Roleplay chat room.

  • Guild plot advancement stories.

  • And much more…


The Jedi Enclave in Station Gamma welcomes any kind of Jedi such as Consulars, Guardians, Sentinels, Light Jedi, Gray Jedi, whatever class and whatever type. There is of course the very original Master and Padawan system which allows an experienced member of the enclave to teach a younger student one on one to complete his/her training to become a fully fledged Jedi Knight and then start the process over with their own Padawan. This ensures that each generation of leaders are well trained. There are unique training rooms full of information to use, as well as the holocron concept. The holocron concept is all of the Master's or teacher's work in one place. Tests, lessons, and roleplaying can all be a part of the lesson plan. Each Master has their own private holocron to teach their students in their own personal way leaving a unique experience for each trainee.

The ranks for our Jedi in Gamma are slightly different than that of the custom rankings of the Jedi Order. Station Gamma is a small Republic outpost that does carry military personnel of all kinds. Most JedI that are transferred to Gamma are those interested in upholding law and order, becoming investigators or agents. Our ranks reflect this theme. While the purpose of each rank are traditional like the order, the training is much different. On top of regular tutoring from their masters all Jedi in Station Gamma are also required to take the same military courses as the Troopers and Smugglers and any other programs they wish to, such as the investigation services.

Team Kampilan is meant to give the full experience of being a Republic soldier in these hard times of war. During sign up our troops and Smugglers are given service numbers, sworn in by a code and then are off on their careers to keep the peace. Well planned missions charters are kept in the database of military command waiting for those brave enough to take the mission, or unlucky enough to have it assigned to them. The military academy that will be run by several officers make sure our soldiers are ready for battle both physically and mentally. The academy set up is content rich and fun to be a part of.

By popular demand the Smugglers have managed to keep a piece of the station to themselves despite being in the same division as the troops. The Cove, as they call it is a shady and surreptitious slice of the outpost. Since the Blockade of the Hydian Way the Republic has dared not to turn their backs on a most invaluable ally. The smugglers get their work done using underhanded and dirty tactics...and the Republic looks the other way in return for this assistance and a fair amount of credits. Naval operations are established in the heart of the station however, a place where the Smugglers work best with the rest of our small squadron.

Soldiers in Station Gamma work closely with their Smuggler and JedI brothers and sisters. All three different ways of life are tied into one training program, one force. Despite the occasional dispute on morales, ethics, and techniques at the end of the day every Smuggler, JedI and Trooper learn something new from each other.

[SIZE="4"]Rank Structure[/SIZE]

The Ranking System is something that was worked hard on in the station. Each role has very important jobs and responsibilities, and the weight gets heavier with each promotion. That is why Gamma officers always make sure that our potential leaders are well trained and ready. Gamma also strives to make sure that ranking up is not easy, and that it must be worked hard for and well deserved.

Station Masters
High Marshal

Force Enclave
High Marshal
High Watchman

Team Kampilan
Sergeant Maj.

Station Masters- The two officers of Gamma that watch over the station and make sure all operations are going smoothly. Made up of the High Marshal and Colonel.

Force Enclave

The High Marshal of the Jedi Enclave is a Station Master and leader of the Force Enclave. He decides on improvements or ideas often with the Colonel, reviews/accepts/denies potential Force Sensitives in his division as well as deciding who deserves to rank up, and who does not. In roleplay he is one of the leading members of the station's SIS department and head of the Jedi investigations office. He assigns others to missions and goes on case sensitive ones himself. He is the secondary officer of the guild and the Colonel's right hand man.

High Watchmen of the Jedi Enclave are given the great honor to hold the highest responsibility of training the other Jedi active in the enclave. They act as guides to all others sharing their undisputed wisdom and advice. The title is reserved for those who had shown exceptional devotion and skill as well as balance in the Force and often combat. After a Jedi Marshal has completed their "ordeal" trials a vote is then done by the High Watchmen to determine if the Jedi is ready to fill a vacant spot among their group. There are only four High Watchmen aloud to be in service at a time. They are SIS leaders and top investigators often sent on case sensative missions and accompany younger ranks on their assignments. The High Watchmen is also responsible for overseeing a system in the Outer Rim and its planet's Watchmen.

Marshals of the Jedi Enclave is a rank following the title of Watchman. He is the equivlant of a Jedi Knight in the order. A Marshal becomes a High Watchman once he or she had passed the Jedi Trials and required Team Kampilan courses. There must also be a vacant spot. Once a Padawan has passed the Jedi Trials, they are knighted by the Jedi High Marshal and commissioned as an active member of the station, free to participate in galactic peace-keeping, judicial, and diplomatic affairs earning the title of Marshal. The Marshal is responsible for being a planetary watchman reporting to their respective High Watchmen regularly on the planets condition and affairs. They are the eyes and ears of the enclave and the stations SIS program.

Watchmen of the Jedi Enclave, Padawan learner, or Jedi Apprentice in Basic, was a child, or in some cases an adult, who began serious training under a Jedi Marshall or a Jedi High Watchman, chosen by the Marshal or High Watchman him/herself from the ranks of the Initiates. Depending on the Master they can be absent from the station for many months at a time on field missions with their Masters, or be training within the enclave. The studies under their Master's holocrons, and the combat lessons from Team Kampilan keep a Jedi extremely busy and give them little time to rest. However in the end the Jedi Watchmen, if they pass, are bright investigators, worthy combatants, and wise Jedi.

Jedi Initiates of the Jedi Enclave is a Force Sensitive waiting to be accepted into the ranks of the enclave by leadership.

Team Kampilan

The Colonel of Station Gamma takes direct orders from High Command and acts as the primary Station Master. The Colonel is also has complete leadership over Team Kampilan giving direct, or indirect orders to the other ranks in and out of battle. He chooses what is best for the division and is often busy reviewing situations of the surrounding planets, and the stations administration while watching over the branch to make sure everyone is doing their job. If the Colonel is on the field during battle he automatically takes control. This title is held by only one person.

Major is one rank below the Colonel and the Major is his left and right hand men in Team Kampilan. There are only two people who may hold the rank at any given time. The Major(s) are in charge of the division if the Colonel is away or on leave and hold limited power in that situation. They often receive orders from the Colonel and pass it down to the rest of the officers. Each Major's primary job is to watch over two Captains each in the Garrison. If the Colonel is not present during a battle, the Major(s) take charge in leadership. They are SIS aware officers that serve the program regularly.

The Captain is an extremely important officer rank, often leading a squad into battle. At this time the rank allows four people for the position, and at all times two Captains are given orders by a Major. The Captain leads a squad of one Lieutenant, two Sergeants, three Corporals, and five Privates during a battle and is completely in charge when present. He often gives his orders to the Lieutenant and meets with the Majors, and Colonel often preparing for battle.

The Lieutenant is the last officer rank, and the first to be gained when promoted from enlisted. There are six Lieutenants at any given time, four being placed in squads under Captains, two who are leading officers in the Iron Garrison Academy. The Lieutenants in a squad take their orders from the Captain and covey them to the rest of the squad, often taking charge when the Captain is not present. The two Lieutenants left watch over the academy and make sure all the instructors are doing their job as well as having a hand in the instruction of courses. The academy Lt.'s authority is outweighed by Sgt. Major.

Sergeant Major of the Team is the last enlisted rank. The Sergeant Major is the director of the academy sitting as the absolute head of all training. He chooses his academy instructors personally and has a hand in training as well. When in battle he has complete charge over the rest of the forces who are not in a specific squad or fireteam, acting as the enlisted rank's Captain. This rank holds only one spot. When the Sgt. Major is not present, his responsibilities are shifted to the Colonel.

Sergeant is one of the few ranks that has unlimited spots. However the potential rank holder must prove to be worthy of the time and responsibility making the promotion not easy to obtain. The Sergeant must have completed their training in the academy as well as be reviewed by the officers before given the rank. The Sergeant can aid other ranks in courses if chosen, however their primary job is to help take charge during battle under the Sergeant Major unless he/she is in a squad or fireteam.

Corporal is another rank with unlimited rank spots. The Corporal must prove himself during rigorous training in the academy if a promotion is to be given. Determination and dedication is looked for in the Iron Garrison's troops and those are the kind of people the officers look for. Corporals prove this, and also prove they are ready to push through ever more difficult training to advance in the enlisted ranks.

Private is the first enlisted rank that is given. When a Private signs up and is given a service number they immediately begin their training in the academy under various instructors. There will be plenty of Privates as any given time, and even if they do not receive promotions Privates are just as important to our Garrison as any other rank, and is still capable of being highly decorated and rewarded.

Cadet is an unofficial rank that is given to crewman aboard Station Gamma who have no signed up to the team's roster or been interviewed by the staff yet.

[SIZE="4"]Game Aspects[/SIZE]

Roleplay is very important to us and we don’t only encourage our members to engage in missions and quest lines, but guests and friends as well. There are guest roleplay boards in Gamma for any who wish to join in the fun with our members. Exclusively for our members are private boards, as well as a private roleplay chatroom. We offer a few different styles of roleplay that are used in different ways. One such way is freestyle, or open roleplay. With this mode of roleplay you can create or play through a non canon story, or a story that isn’t even related to Star Wars. We also have official style which are Station Gamma missions that are dated and canon and advance your character development or the guild in some way. Examples of these are training courses, Mission Charter quests, and approved storylines. Lastly we have a campaign style which is a series of chapters starting from the Station‘s creation to the current date. This way of roleplay is the foundation of the guild‘s lore and provides our structure.

PvE, instances, end game content, and raiding are all things that Gamma has on the list but at a casual and optional pace. PvE is not an aspect we draw on as heavily as we do RP but we do wish to have some PvE progression and level with each other as we are a social group. We hope to have enough people to run instances or flashpoints ourselves but in the worst case PUGing is acceptable.

PvP is totally optional to the player. If you are a RP PvP'er and you want to join be our guest, we want you to do whatever you want in the game but RP is often the polar opposite of RP...dont expect much of it from this guild. While its not for everyone we encourage those who are experience, or just want to try it out to go play and have fun with it. Your PvP agenda is not our business.

Thank you for reading our recruitment thread! Be aware that we are always open for visitors and guests so feel free to drop by whenever you wish. If you are interested in applying please be aware your application on the forums must be accepted before your request to join our guild HQ is accepted. If you have any questions know that you can always contact me, Borsalino Bege, anytime. Thank you, and long live the Republic!
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