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Force Basics

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Re: Force Basics

Post  JudenVorlar on Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:23 pm

"Begin." Tirus said to both Calinhad and Juden.

The object was in his hands. His eyes closed, connecting himself with the Force, trying to put together what the object could be. He could sense the structure, but he could also feel something was missing, a gap. His fingers ran over some of the object, figuring out that is was circular. Then it him in through the Force. He was holding a lightsaber. Juden's heart began to race, and his concentration began to falter. A little mistake through controlling it using the Force could activate it, and send it flying across the room. But of course this is why Tirus must've given this to him, to test his resistance to fear, and to keep his concentration.

Taking a few minutes to compose himself, he then re-connected himself through the Force. He sensed Calinhad several feet in front of him, as they felt eachother through the Force. Carefully he lifted the lightsaber into the air, and moved it ever so steadily towards Calinhad. Juden took his time, trying not to rush anything, as the lightsaber floated from him to Calinhad. He then softly layed the lightsaber into the open palms of Calinhad. He took a deep sigh of relief, and hoped that Calinhad could do the same without any trouble.


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Re: Force Basics

Post  Calinhad Arakus on Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:36 pm

Green-Memory of Jorik Bailimur's words

Calinhad nearly dropped the lightsaber once he figured out what it was. He understood the part about being able to concentrate despite the fear but he didn't want to die or be responsible for the other students' deaths here.

'I thought this was just a training exercise,' the words running through his mind, almost breaking his concentration.

He calmed himself and remembered Master Jorik's words from so long ago.

"Calinhad, my boy, to let fear control your actions is the same as letting death control your body. The end result is never good."

A slight smile formed on his lips and a single tear washed down his cheek. He focused on the lightsaber, letting the Force lift it from his hands and glide the object towards Juden.

It was as if Jorik's spirit was there and had picked up the saber and carried it to the other initiate.

When Calinhad felt the lightsaber rest in Juden's hands, he whispered a small thanks to his old master.
Calinhad Arakus

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Re: Force Basics

Post  Tirus on Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:23 am

A devious smile touched on the lips of that small man, he had always enjoyed pushing students to their limits. He watched as Juden faltered momentarily his concentration obviously struck as he realized what the object was in his hands. Those eyes followed the hilt as it glided to Calinhad's hand. Again there was hesitation upon the realization of the object although it glided back to Juden's hand steadily with ease.

"You can open your eyes now, I assume you both know how dangerous something like this can be." He reached his hand out the blade snapping into his grasp. A pointed it forward so they both could see him press the activation button, the hilt made a sort of sputtering sound for a moment before shutting down. He placed the hilt back in Juden's hand giving a short chuckle. "Harmless."

Turning on a heel he watched the other students complete the exercise. Raising his hands he motioned for all the students to stop. "I think that is all the time we have for today, I expect you all to practice these exercises and be prepared to demonstrate them for me in one weeks time. Are there any questions or exercises that you wish to practice?"

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Re: Force Basics

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