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Roleplay Guidelines

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Roleplay Guidelines Empty Roleplay Guidelines

Post  Borsalino Bege on Fri Nov 20, 2009 5:20 pm

Here is where you may begin to post your RP missions just with your friends on a free for all. However there are certain rules when it comes to the RP boards. The rules are not necessarily restricting as they are guidelines to help you make a successful mission that everyone can enjoy.

~Each post should move the story forward in the plot line. You can’t do that in just one sentence…make an effort to type at least two paragraphs to make the story progress. Sometimes a trick to make it a bit bigger is separating your dialogue lines from your descriptions of what is happening. Example:

The two Jedi entered the valley, everything was still.

"He is here." One of them whispered.

The two began to continue on to a battle they knew would change the fate of the galaxy.

Also details will also make social roleplay very enjoyable. Where are you? What planet? What is it like, what is the weather? Ect. Lastly character traits are also a good thing to throw in to the story.

~Spelling and grammar should be correct. It doesn’t kill you to open Word and type your part there…spell check is a wonderful thing. Sometimes mistakes like that just throw off the story. Also you can save your work there in case something on forums happens to screw it up.

~Punctuation adds a little notice to your post. Sometimes bolding effects such as noises, or italicizing what your character is thinking makes it more appealing. Try to use the correct quotations when a character is talking as well.

~You may not play another person's character unless they give you permission. If you are granted that permission respect how your fellow role-players act their character. If a person makes his character a gun slinging wise cracker then you should characterize him as that when you play him in your post.

~Not everyone can be extremely fast at replying to a mission. Be patient.

~Spars and Duels are allowed in this RP section however they must be named (Name Vs. Name) to show the difference between RP missions and duels. The way spars work are a little different when it comes to post by post. The best way to do it is to make a move and then let the next person post, try NOT to play the other character in spars as much.

~There is one final rule that MUST be followed. Please do not in any shape or form “God-Mode” your character. If you are playing a Jedi Padawan chances are a Padawan can’t match a fully trained Sith.

Keep your powers and abilities in check with your characters level. Keep it clean…and most of all keep it fun.
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