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Application: Bywing Lancer

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Application: Bywing Lancer Empty Application: Bywing Lancer

Post  Bywing. on Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:02 pm

Real Name: Archie
TOR Name: Bywing
Age: 19

How did you find station gamma, did a member invite you?: I saw it on the Guild hall, i became interested and decided to apply

Why are you interested in joining us?: I am a hardcore Roleplayer, and i want to play with other hardcore RPers

Do you consider yourself mature?: I don't like to brag about whether i am mature or not, suffice to say i will never disrespect another member, and i will try to follow the rules you have set, and be a good guildie

Tell us a little about yourself, hobbies ect: I am a pizza delivery guy, but i plan on becoming a Computer technician, and get my own shop if im lucky

What timezone are you?: Central

Character Information:

Character Name: Bywing Lancer
Character Age: 26
Gender: Male
Class: Jedi Investigator(Falls into the Jedi Sentinel Category)

Character Biography: Bywing Lancer was trained as padawan by Master Nys'ran Uyr, untill his master was killed in a skirmish againist the Sith, like the other jedi, Bywing was also greatly saddened when he learned of the sacking of courascant and returned to Tython to rebuild the ancient temples. He now works as a Jedi Investigator againist the Sith Empire.

Character Traits: Bywing is a strict believer in the purity of the Light side of the force, he often wears ragged and torn clothing so as not to be easilly detected while infiltrating the underworld, he also wears two gauntlets in which is contains the components for his Lightsaber.

How much Roleplay experience do you have?: I have about 2 years of roleplaying experience, i started in SWG, and now im on SW:TOR
im definitely a big Star Wars nerd.

Other MMO Experience:
Everquest 2:
Game name: Sufferthorn
Character's name: Sufferthorn
Class: Warden
Level: 35
Months/Years of play: 3 years

Star Wars Galaxies:
Game name: Bywing Lancer
Character's name: Bywing Lancer
Class: Jedi
Level: 87
Months/Years of play: 2 years

Star Trek Online:
Game name: Taithen
Character's name: Taith King
Class: Tactical Officer
Level: 24
Months/Years of play: 1 month

Sample Role-Play post: Bywing got up from the chair and looked at the Imperial troopers, he raised his arms as a component flew out of each
gauntlet, forming togethor in his hand as a Lightsaber, he activated the weapon, and flashed its green blade

Have you read and understand the rules? If you have not read them pleas read them here: I fully read your rules, and understand them.


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Application: Bywing Lancer Empty Re: Application: Bywing Lancer

Post  Tirus on Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:02 pm

I am afraid that we have moved to a new website, feel free to join us at
There you can apply and join us in our chatroom to learn more about our group.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

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