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Application Process

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Post  CT-426 on Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:49 pm

Station Gamma

~Serve and Protect~

Thank you for showing your interest in joining Station Gamma and visiting our home. There is a little you should know about us before applying so you know what you are signing up for.

~We are a heavy roleplay guild. However we will also focus on PvP and PvE, just not as much.

~While we are very heavy roleplay, we are just normal people working for the Republic. Nobody is allowed to be superpowered, not everyone can be a Yoda or Luke Skywalker, and surely nobody here will be including leadership.

~Because the guild has been formed just recently, activity might start a bit slow since recruitment is tougher due to the fact that most of the community is guilded.

~The rules here are not a joke, they do not ask much of you but you have to abide by them.

~Active or not this guild will be here to stay until launch, if you decide to be an active member now, excellent, if you join and remain dormant until the game release expect to be kicked out after regular inactivity purges.

Basically that is what we are all about, being a tight knit community of people with a passion for roleplay that are looking to have fun. If you are still interested in joining please begin following the application process below to gain membership into the Station.
To make a proper application please copy and paste below to where it tells you to stop. Once you have done that go back out into the Application forums and post a new topic naming it Application-(Your Name), (Class).
Personal Information:

Real Name: (First name only)
TOR Name: (name of your account on the SWTOR forums)
Age: (Must be 18+)

How did you find Station Gamma?/Did a member invite you?

Why are you interested in joining us?

Do you consider yourself mature?

Tell us a little about yourself. Hobbies, job, ect.

What timezone are you?

Character Information:

Character Name:(Same as your forum name please.)
Character Age:
Class: (Must be a Republic Class, Also if a Jedi also choose Sub Class, Sentinel, Guardian, Consular. Please Note you may be a Jedi Consular and still be of the Jedi Knight class for RP reasons.)

Character Biography: (You can give just a sample, or the full story. Note that we have a strict canon policy.)

Character Traits: (Physical or mental features.)

How much roleplay experience do you have?

Other MMO exeprience:(If you have played other games please format and list like below. If you have multiple games to list, follow the same format each time leaving a space in between each list.)

Game name:
Character's Name:
Months/Years of play:

Sample Role-Play Post: (give us a sample of how you would normally post in an RP. Please try to make it more than a paragraph in length as we'd like to get an accurate idea of how you RP and where you're at in terms of role-play skill)

Have you read and understand the rules? If you have not read them please read them here.

That concludes the application. Please treat it like a business application, this is important. The leaders that will be reviewing them want to see a good solid, and organized application so bolding or coloring is not a bad idea to make your application stand out. Of course make sure to detail everything the best you can.

When you post your application it will be reviewed by the leadership of the Station and you can check its progress by looking at the title. You will find one of these soon after posting.

<< Pending >> Leadership is checking your application to see if you are eligible to start your trial.

<< Trial >> As a trial member you have one week to show you can get along with other members, stay active, and create constructive posts.

<< Under Review >> Leadership is reviewing your progress and deciding if you are eligible to join as a full member.

<< Accepted >> You have been accepted as a full member.

<< Declined >> Your application has been declined, however you may reapply again in the future.

Take your time! First impressions are important and you dont have any second chances on it, good luck.

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