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Application - Kadon Lehk (Smuggler) <<ACCEPTED>>

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Application - Kadon Lehk (Smuggler) <<ACCEPTED>>

Post  KadonLehk on Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:38 pm

Personal Information:

Real Name: Ed
Age: 18

How did you find Station Gamma?/Did a member invite you?
Was in the guild way back when Garp was around. Got a message from Bege and decided to come check it out.

Why are you interested in joining us?
Loved the guild back when I was in it before, and would love to come back to it.

Do you consider yourself mature?
Yes I do

Tell us a little about yourself. Hobbies, job, ect.
I play football, run track, love Star Wars, love to read, going to college for Animation & Game Design

What timezone are you?
Character Information:

Character Name: Kadon Lehk
Character Age: 23
Gender: Male
Class: Smuggler

Character Biography: Kadon Lehk was born and raised on the planet Corellia. At a young age, his family was killed, and he was left to survive on his own in Coronet. He picked up many skills that were key to his survival in the slums, and when he turned 18 he stole a ship and left Corellia. For the next few years, Lehk's past is shady, involving many drug deals, spice running, and confrontations with the law. After a near death experience on Kuat though, he decided he need to bring purpose into his life. He went to Coruscant, searching for a way to help the Republic....

Character Traits: (Physical or mental features.)
Long brown hair. Scar on face from bar fight. Comedic, always having fun. Never really serious except when it counts. Short in stature and small in build. Extremely smart when it comes to ships, ship parts, and slicing/hacking. Knows many black market contacts.

How much roleplay experience do you have?
Alot. Been RPing in pretty much every MMO I have played, and I love it. In SWG I RPed for a good 4 years until the game got too empty for me.

Other MMO exeprience:(If you have played other games please format and list like below. If you have multiple games to list, follow the same format each time leaving a space in between each list.)

Game name: SWG
Character's Name: Kadon Lehk
Class: Smuggler
Server: Sunrunner
Level: 90
Months/Years of play: 4 years

Game Name: Guild Wars
Character's Name: Alot of em but Teh Nub Pwner was my main
Class: Assassin/Paragon
Server: N/A
Level: 20
Months/Years of play: 10 months...still playing

Game Name: Runes of Magic
Character's Name: Ikrisha
Class: Scout/Rogue
Server: Osha
Level: 29/21
Months/Years of play: 6 months

Have you read and understand the rules? If you have not read them please read them here.
You bet. Very Happy

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Re: Application - Kadon Lehk (Smuggler) <<ACCEPTED>>

Post  Borsalino Bege on Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:41 pm

Ah Kadon, so glad you decided to give Gamma another shot. Like I said I was fond of your work before you left. Also you have the honor of being the station's first Smuggler, and probably one of the few for a long time hehe. Anyway your application has been accepted since you are a returning member, its great to have you back around Kadon. Because you were here before, you do not have to run through a trial at this time, however I will place you at the first rank in the Smuggler section just for now.

Welcome to Station Gamma!
Borsalino Bege
Borsalino Bege

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Re: Application - Kadon Lehk (Smuggler) <<ACCEPTED>>

Post  KadonLehk on Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:50 pm

Sounds great. Make sure you tell me if you need help with anything. I would love to help you.

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Re: Application - Kadon Lehk (Smuggler) <<ACCEPTED>>

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