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Application -- Carthalis Eiboba <<ACCEPTED>>

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Application -- Carthalis Eiboba <<ACCEPTED>>

Post  Eiboba on Wed Jun 16, 2010 3:17 am

Personal Information:

Real Name: Michael
Age: 17 (will be eighteen in less than two weeks).

How did you find Station Gamma?/Did a member invite you?
I was originally a member when Artemis Garp was in charge. When everything went downhill, I lost contact with the guild and as can be assumed, left. I was offered to return by the colonel and so I graciously accepted the offer.

Why are you interested in joining us?
I am a die-hard, heavy role-player. I enjoy everything about role-play and the story that a player is forced to create. Any guild that wishes to foster an excellent role-playing environment, friendly to the differences and complexities of the characters their members create, and able to keep one enticed by a generally well thought out background history is definitely the place for me to reside.

Do you consider yourself mature?
I'd like to think so. I'm probably one of the most mature people out of my friends, though I have my moments of immaturity thanks to my ADHD. But for the most part, yes. I am very mature.

Tell us a little about yourself. Hobbies, job, ect.
I am going to be eighteen on the second of July and I am heavy into role-play. I play video games on my Xbox 360 in my spare time (when not busy, role-playing, or riding my bike and hanging with friends) and I am generally a nice person. As of this year I am no longer a part of, but have been a part of, my high school's Navy Junior Officer Training Corps and have since "retired" my service to the unit after three consecutive years.

During the summer I work for my dad in his lawn care business to earn my money. I am joining the United States Marine Corps, shipping for boot next year, and hope to serve a long and eventful enlistment. I am going to serve as a rifleman in the Corps, being that infantry is where I think I'd be best at. I am quite the military enthusiastic and have had family in the service, both Marines and Navy.

What timezone are you?
I am in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

Character Information:

Character Name: Carthalis Eiboba
Character Age: 26
Gender: Male
Class: Republic Trooper

Character Biography:
Carthalis is a rather complex individual. One could say he boasts two different personas, one being the on duty sergeant of the Republic Army whom cares deeply about his men and the other being a drunken cantina rat who spends his free time around women and alcohol to rid away his pain.

Having had a rough past with no real family aside from that of his foster parents, he has a gruff way of speaking to people. While he eventually achieved genuine success as a student, he tends to talk with slang instead of proper Galactic Basic. He always seems to push others away when they get too close, yet pull others in when they get too far. This generally has angered people, especially his superiors, because it has caused a great deal of trouble. The only people he refuses to push away are the soldiers he serves alongside, feeling that they understand his troubles better than anyone else.

Being a grunt at heart, he has a great deal of combat experience. He has been to many worlds and has seen the gruesome horrors of the Sith and their military. Having been born and raised on Coruscant, the sacking of the planet came as a major insult to him. He was only a teenager when that happened.

Now he's a grown man who has seen more than he truly wishes he had. He uses women for pleasure and uses booze to forget -- all the while trying to keep his personal and professional life -- two separate aspects of his life. He as, unfortunately, discovered that that is a very difficult task to accomplish. One that has, by failing, landed him a couple demotions. He only barely made it back to his rank of sergeant and only because of his good relations with an officer he had once served with who had been put in charge of him temporarily. The officer in question spoke highly of him and, after some debate, he was promoted back to the rank of sergeant.

Now he stands as a representation of what too much war and conflict can do to a man. It can destroy them from the inside and twist them into nothing but shells of their former selves.

Character Traits: (Physical or mental features.)
He has several scars on his face, back, and chest. All of them from combat. He has a general dislike from the Jedi stemming from their inability to protect the Republic and he blindly disbelieves in the existence of a "Force." He is quite muscular and thin, despite his drinking habits, and rather tall. His eyes are a light chocolate brown and his hair is a dark, almost black in appearance, brown. His skin is somewhat pale thanks to inexposure to the sun. Most of his time is spent in doors -- generally in a cantina -- hence the nickname "cantina rat."

How much roleplay experience do you have?
I have a great deal of role-play experience. I run several of my own RPGs, as well as am partaking in an RP on the TOR forums. Aside from that I have been in or run several RPGs and role-played almost exclusively on Star Wars Galaxies back in my younger days. I even did a little in America's Army, performing the combat role-play and all.

Other MMO experience:
Star Wars Galaxies - four years; originally Jedi, now Officer. Multitude of others as well.
Planet Side - month; soldier
EVE Online - week; freelancer
The Matrix Online - two weeks

Have you read and understand the rules?
Yes. I have read the rules and completely understand them and will abide by them to the letter.
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Re: Application -- Carthalis Eiboba <<ACCEPTED>>

Post  Borsalino Bege on Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:57 am

Very happy to have you back Eiboba! I would personally like to welcome you back to Station Gamma and our Trooper Division. I would also like to comment on the excellent application you have filled out. Accepted!

We will get to work on many things later in the day, I have a feeling now that we finally have a member or two we will be in good shape.
Borsalino Bege
Borsalino Bege

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Re: Application -- Carthalis Eiboba <<ACCEPTED>>

Post  Eiboba on Wed Jun 16, 2010 5:29 am

I hope we will, colonel. I'll help out in any way I can! Wink
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Gunnery Sergeant

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Re: Application -- Carthalis Eiboba <<ACCEPTED>>

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