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Jedi Ranks/Roles

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Jedi Ranks/Roles Empty Jedi Ranks/Roles

Post  Borsalino Bege on Tue Nov 24, 2009 8:51 pm

Here are the listings for the general Enclave’s ranks and then specific Jedi roles. The different roles fall under Guardian, Sentinel, and Consular. If you are aspiring to take one of the roles you must apply by contacting the master of that class. It would be wise to learn all of the roles to know what type of Jedi you wish to be, and know what other type of Jedi you might be working alongside with closely. You will find them listed below, and then each role will be described in detail.

Jedi Councilor
Jedi Master
Jedi Knight
Jedi Padawan
Jedi Initiate

Jedi Guardian:

Jedi Warrior Master
Jedi Temple Guard/Gatemasters
Jedi Weaponmaster
Jedi Battlemaster
Jedi Bodyguard

Jedi Sentinel:

Jedi Chief
Jedi Investigator
Jedi Marshal
Jedi Watchman
Jedi Shadow

Jedi Consular:

Sage Master
Jedi Advisor
Jedi Historian
Keeper of Antiquities
Curator of Records
Jedi Archivist

Non Specific Roles:

Jedi Instructor
Jedi General
Jedi Commander
Jedi Ace
Initiate Program Master
Initiate Program Assistant
Jedi Councilor- Because Station Gamma is merely a branch there is a Council of five members that subset the High Council of Tython to lead the Force Enclave. It is an honorary title, however the Councilors are always there to guide and help. The Council is responsible for the administration of the Enclave and the supervision of it’s members.

Jedi Master- A Jedi Knight that has shown exceptional skill and understanding of the Force is granted the second highest title, the Jedi Master. Also the Knight has to have taught a Padawan learner and successfully trained him to become the next rank before consideration. A Jedi Master can be responsible for leading a certain path or role, as well as instructing courses on their own. A Jedi Master can be called upon to serve on the Council.

Jedi Knight- The backbone of the Jedi Order itself, the Jedi Knight is a title granted to a Padawan that has successfully trained under a Master and has passed his/her trials. If the Council deems the Padawan ready, they commission him/her as an active member of the Order, free to participate in intergalactic affairs and peace keeping. A Jedi Knight is allowed to take on his/her own apprentice at this time, and can be called upon to serve on the Council.

Jedi Padawan- When an Initiate has completed his temple training he is eligible for a Jedi Knight, or Master to take him as an apprentice. A Jedi Padawan follows its Master just about anywhere unless the Master or Council deems the mission too dangerous. During a Padawan’s time with a Master he/she gains valuable experience in the Force and in life. When the Master sees fit, his Padawan may take the trials in an attempt to become a Jedi Knight.

Jedi Initiate- Newly arrived at the Temple a Jedi Initiate begins his/her training at a young age within the temple walls only. While working in the Initiate Program they learn about the Force, Combat, History and many other subjects. When an Initiate has completed the program’s selected courses as a final test the Initiate constructs his/her own Lightsaber and is then eligible to be selected by a Knight or Master for apprenticeship.

Jedi Guardian

Jedi Warrior Master- The leader of the Guardian Enclave itself, this Jedi Master or Knight oversees all of the Guardian programs to make sure they are running smoothly. It is their job to select leaders for each division, or act as a temporary when needed.

Jedi Temple Guard/Gatekeeper- The Temple Guard and Gatekeepers are an elite core of Jedi Padawans, Knights, and Masters gathered in one program to protect the temple from invasion. Acting as a Home Guard they keep watch over the temple at all hours ensuring its safety One Captain of the Guard and a Lieutenant of that Captain’s choice lead the Guard.

Jedi Weaponsmaster- A Jedi Guardian that truly wishes to enhance his skill at many different weapons besides a Lightsaber enters this group. A true master of the blade and gun, the Weaponsmaster is one of the few groups in the front lines of battle showing extreme skill in combat.

Jedi Battlemaster- The Jedi Battlemaster is the head Lightsaber Instructor for the Enclave and acts as the leader for the Weaponsmaster division. It his his/her responsibility to pick Jedi Instructors and run courses him/herself.

Jedi Bodyguard- Acting as the opposite of the Jedi Temple Guard, this Jedi Guardian takes his skills and put them to work outside of the temple by escorting important Political figures for the Republic, or aiding other Jedi as backup on Diplomacy missions. The Leader of the Guardian path leads this division.

Jedi Sentinel

Jedi Chief- The head of the Sentinel path, the Jedi Chief’s job is to select division leaders and run certain programs him/herself.

Jedi Investigator- The Jedi Investigator’s job is to uncover hidden or obscure threats to the galaxy, such as crime syndicates, or conspiracy and corruption against the Republic and other threats. Often they work alone, and undercover most of the time infiltrating an organization using skills of deception or even the Force to neutralize the threat before conflict would arise. This division is lead by the Sentinel Chief.

Jedi Marshal- The jedi Marshal’s job was to work closely with local police forces, helping them uncover and stop threats against the Republic.

Jedi Watchman- Given to a Jedi that is assigned to oversee a particular system or planet. These Jedi are usually the ones to discover Force Sensitive children and bring them to the Order. Their role was usually that of a behind-the-scenes warrior, diplomat, and a subtle but benevolent manipulator of a given world's events. Jedi Watchmen were the eyes and ears of the Jedi Council, granting them greater flexibility in formulating the strategy of the Jedi Order. The Watchman program is lead by a head Watchman who assigns Sentinel Masters, Knights, and Padawans their location.

Jedi Shadow- As an elite Jedi Investigator, their job was to act as the Order’s secret police. They were the Sentinels sent out to weed out Dark Side forces and neutralize them before they could become a threat. This line of work was very dangerous due to working so close to the Dark Side, it was not unheard of Jedi Shadows being corrupted.

Jedi Consular

Jedi Sage Master- The Sage Master leads the Consular class and watches over most divisions..

Jedi Advisor- was a Jedi whom became a personal advisor to a Galactic Republic Senator. A Jedi could become a personal advisor to a Senator by becoming good friends with a Senator and having them request to the Reassignment Council for the Jedi to join their personal staff.

Jedi Historian- Jedi historians, also called Jedi scholars or Jedi chroniclers, were members of the Jedi Order who specialized in research into the history of the Jedi Order. Often Jedi historians would also be Jedi librarians or Jedi archaeologists.

Keeper of Antiquities- The Keeper of Antiquities was the title held by Jedi Knights and Masters who controlled access to the Chamber of Antiquities in the Enclave. These Keepers were charged with preserving the ancient texts as well as protecting the forbidden Sith artifacts, which included Sith holocrons.

Force Trainers- Highly gifted in the force, these trainers instruct courses on how to control the force and use it in combat.

Curator of Records- Responsible for overseeing the combined records of the Enclaves, also the leader of the Jedi Archivists.

Jedi Archivist- Jedi who were in charge the Jedi libraries, and other databases containing information on the Jedi Order and its history. They would often remain close to the Jedi Temple Archives on Tython, or join the ExplorCorps and travel the galaxy to expand their knowledge. Specializing in the storage, organization and retrieval of knowledge, they would receive and archive knowledge so that others might learn, and in the process expand their own awareness of the galaxy. Delving into many areas of study, allowing the Force to guide them to their areas of specialty, these Jedi rarely saw combat, and were only sent on data-retrival missions, or to accompany diplomats in need of a constant stream of information.

Any Class

Jedi Instructor- Jedi Knights or Masters chosen by the Jedi Battlemaster to teach lightsaber combat.

Jedi General- Title given to a Jedi Master or Knight in times of war.

Jedi Commander- Title given to a Jedi Padawan in times of war.

Jedi Ace- Jedi who specialized in starfighter combat. Jedi aces would combine their piloting skills with their mastery of the Force, being able to perform almost impossible and daring maneuvers to down their enemies or avoid being downed themselves.

Initiate Program Master- A Jedi Master that runs the Initiate program as the Headmaster of the enclave.

Initiate Program Assistant- A Padawan or Knight that serve as instructors and assistants to Headmaster.

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