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Station Rules *PLEASE READ*

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Station Rules *PLEASE READ* Empty Station Rules *PLEASE READ*

Post  CT-426 on Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:46 pm


We are looking for mature people who respect each other. That goes for the higher ranks as well, they are here to guide and help…not pretend to be any better of a person than anyone else is. You are expected to act responsibly with and without guild members in the game.

Roleplay Rules

It is mandatory for everyone to read and understand the rules for roleplay on the forums and for the game. They can be found here.
Forum Name

We simply ask that you try to keep your forum name the same name you would choose for in game.

Stay in Character

We are a heavy roleplay guild, and while we hope to raid and PvP, creating rich roleplay stories and events is our highest goal for this Station. It is asked that you stay in character when in normal chat for the game, however in personal messages to stay in character is your choice as well as in our normal chat box room. This is an important rule because it reflects the Station in a hopefully positive and not negative way…how you portray us is how you act.

Chat Box Rules

Because the game is not out yet, we do have other means of communication other than the forums. We have provided a chat box that allows us to gather and socialize in one room at the same time. It is your choice to be in character or not here, however it is mandatory that you read and understand the chat room’s rules. They can be found here.

Activity rule

In the Station we wish to keep everyone active. Mainly we want at least one post per week from our members. If you are on vacation or away because of sickness you must let us know by posting in the leave of absence thread. Your inactivity will be excused for whatever reason as long as you tell us how long you will be, or might be gone. If you do not remain active and do not post in the leave of absence thread you will be notified with a message after one week. If there is still no response after a another week your account will be deleted.

God Mode

While this is already explained in the roleplay rules…it is very important for everyone to know right now that god mode members are not allowed. It is a poor way to roleplay and the guild has zero tolerance for God Mode characters.


We do not accept in any shape or form drama. It destroys guilds and can bring down even the most exceptional members. There is an absolute “No Drama Policy” for this guild, and any sign of it will result in the creators being kicked from the Station and banned.

Be an Active Member

Don’t think of it as your one post per week and our golden, as much as thinking about trying to contribute to the Station with ideas and opinions. Don’t be afraid to step up and voice yourself and your opinions appropriately…that is the point of having an association of members trying to build a community. Every member is just as important as the next and we encourage people to make constructive posts and contribute to the community any way they can.

One Guild

While we really do not have any way of checking this, we only ask you to try and please only remain in one SWTOR guild. Active or not, this Station will be around until launch and on, however we want our member’s loyalty and work to go only into ours and not six other guilds.
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