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Women, Wealth, and Whiskey - (Smuggler RP)

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Women, Wealth, and Whiskey - (Smuggler RP)

Post  KadonLehk on Wed Jun 23, 2010 8:30 am

Kadon woke up and looked around. He was lying in a hotel room, but he didn't remember how he got there. He felt a small movement in the bed next to him and looked over. Lying next to him was a human female wearing nothing at all.

Kadon shook his head. He had a massive headache, and he quickly got up and found his clothing on the floor. He threw his clothes on and looking at the sleeping woman. He tossed 25 credits onto the bed and left the room.

Walking out of the hotel, he looked around, trying to find out where he was. He was tired, hungover, and he had a shipment of weapons due to Borika in a day. Things were not looking good. Lehk walked down the street and passed many other casinos, cantinas, and other rundown or deteriorating buildings.

Kadon Lehk was on Coruscant, the capitol of the Republic. He was in the lower levels of the planet, in the gambling district that spanned a good 400 square kilometers. In his ship, he was running a crate of prototype weapons, created by some scientist out in the Mid-Rim, to Borika, a Republic officer who would be testing these weapons to see if they could be implemented in the military.

Kadon passed by a group of 5 people, all surrounding a Bith. He over heard a bit of the conversation.

Two trandoshans who seemed to be leading the group yelled. "Bith scum! You owe Jaren! Pay now!"

The Bith managed to get a few words out of his trembling body. "I don't have the creds. Tomorrow I will!"

One of the trandos laughed and smiled. "Too late."

The reptile fired three shots into the Bith's head and then the group walked away.

Kadon turned away too and continued down the road. Life was tough down here....

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Re: Women, Wealth, and Whiskey - (Smuggler RP)

Post  KadonLehk on Wed Jun 30, 2010 7:26 pm

The thick durasteel door in front of Kadon slid open. He strode in and looked at the man standing in front of him. The man had a medium sized build, and was taller than Kadon. Then again, most people were taller than Kadon.

"I got your weapons Borika. There in the east hangar bay, being unloaded now."

Borika smiled, a thin evil looking smile. "Ahh good. Now, about payment..."

As he spoke the words, Borika drew a slender holdout pistol from his sleeve, he fired twice at Kadon and stuck him once in the arm. Ignoring the pain and the smell of his own flesh burning Kadon dived across the room and tackled Borika. Kadon threw a few punches before the officer managed to throw him off and get to his feet. Borika pointed the gun at Kadon's face. "Now you smuggler, prepare to die." He pulled the trigger....but nothing happened.

Lehk slowly stood up and smiled slyly. He held up his hand, revealing the energy clip for the blaster. Lehk pulled his own blaster, throwing the clip on the floor. "Now...we will discuss the REAL payment."

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